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Experience More Than 10+ Years of Industry Experience

Chief Executive Officer

Tyler Herron serves as CEO of Eclipse Scheduling, overseeing the company’s product development, security, and compliance. Tyler is an RID-certified (NIC) ASL interpreter with over 10-years in the field, specializing in DeafBlind, Spanish-influenced, and LGBTQ settings.


Tyler Herron was born in rural Columbus, Ohio. From an early age, he was fascinated with languages and cultures, studying 4 languages by the time he graduated high school. After graduating, Tyler naturally gravitated to Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee where he pursued a Bachelor of the Arts in American Sign Language – English Interpreting and Spanish Language and Literature, with a concentration in Education. During his studies, Tyler completed an interpreting internship with the Helen Keller National Center for DeafBlind Youths and Adults, where he learned DeafBlind tactile interpreting and touch communication systems, including Hapt and Protactile; Empire Interpreting Services in Syracuse, New York, where Tyler developed his knowledge of freelance work and entrepreneurship; and Blount County Health Department, where Tyler expanded his interpreting skills into spoken language interpreting and translation while learning how facilities internally manage language services for their employees and customers.

Tyler also completed a 6-month study abroad program in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he strengthened his Spanish language skills and studied spoken language interpreting and translation at La Universidad del Salvador. In 2013, Tyler graduated Sigma Cum Laude, was awarded the Irma Young Outstanding Senior Award in Interpreting, and was honored with “exemplary” status for his senior thesis.

Shortly after graduating, Tyler was accepted into the now-retired Sorenson Communications School-to-Work program, where he intensively studied ASL interpreting, ethics, and professional best practices, with the oversight of qualified Deaf and hearing mentors. After graduating from the program in April 2014, Tyler relocated to New York, NY and started his career as a freelance interpreter.

During the course of his freelance career, Tyler recognized how contemporary language services companies underserve the Deaf community with one-size-fits-all service practices. Determined to improve inclusion and equal-access in New York, in 2016 Tyler partnered with Shelby Edwards to found Inclusive Communication Services, Inc. – the first mission-focused, community-based interpreting agency designed to set a new standard for accessibility services for the Deaf, Blind, and Limited English Proficient (LEP).

After four years of operating ICS, Tyler and Shelby recognized a disparity in the profession for a comprehensive and agile service management solution. In August 2020, Tyler and Shelby founded Eclipse Scheduling – the first IDEA-focused (inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility), all-in-one service management platform for the interpreting and accommodations industry.

Since its launch, Eclipse Scheduling is helping language service companies and accessibility organizations of all sizes provide better quality services and outcomes for their consumers. Although Tyler stays busy as the CFO for Inclusive Communication Services and CEO for Eclipse Scheduling, he can still be found out in the community interpreting, enjoying New York’s diverse theater scene, and strolling through Central Park.

Awards and Achievements

  • Sigma Cum Laude
  • Irma Young Outstanding Senior Award in Interpreting
  • Exemplary Senior Thesis: “The Acculturation Experience of Congenitally Deaf HispanEclipse Scheduling in the United States”
  • Sorenson School-to-Work Graduate
  • National Interpreter Certification from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf


Tyler approaches his work with insight drawn from his time growing up in rural Ohio: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” Tyler applies this philosophy to all his endeavors, most notably at Eclipse Scheduling where exceptional white glove service is the standard quality for customer service.

Eclipse Scheduling recognizes that effective accessibility services depend on an agile and comprehensive service management solution. This is why Eclipse Scheduling collaborated with industry leaders to develop the first all-in-one service management platform, understanding that the unforeseen consequences of poorly managed services can result in a Deaf person being wrongfully denied employment, an LEP immigrant receiving misinterpreted legal advice, or even a DeafBlind individual being deprived of proper equal access to their local community board meetings.

Everyone in our local communities deserves equal opportunity to participate and be included. Eclipse Scheduling is on a mission to make this ideal a reality, and any mission worth doing, is worth doing well!

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