Admin Features

Revolutionize Your Admin Experience: Our Top Features

Admin Portal and App

Stay up-to-date on your business' operations from anywhere with Eclipse's admin portal and mobile app.
Assign staff logins for new and current employees as your agency grows.
Eclipse is an intuitive and helpful asset for managing your agency's growth.
No software training is required to use Eclipse.


Reduce email response delays with Eclipse's instant chat feature.
Message customers, individual providers, and teams of providers with a single click.
The chat feature streamlines communication, saving time and improving customer service.

Automated Provider Filters

Eclipse helps to identify the best service providers for your customers based on their requests.
You can choose the most qualified service provider from the list of available options.
Alternatively, Eclipse can assign the first available service provider if you prefer.
Ultimately, the decision on which service provider to select is up to you.

Appointment Invitations

Send appointment invites to providers automatically or manually for incoming service requests
Improve customer satisfaction with simple and faster appointment scheduling process.
View providers' responses and conditions easily from a single tab.

Embeddable Forms

Eclipse seamlessly integrates into your current website, becomes an extension.
Embeddable service request, customer lead, and provider application forms.
Improve user experience with a cohesive website design.

Payroll & Billing

Eclipse automates the conversion of sales into customer invoices.
Convenient rate adjustments and override tools simplify account management.
Accurate remittances for providers' appointments.

Coupons & Referrals

Eclipse enables custom coupon and referral program design.
Incentivize loyalty and drive new business with promotions and discounts.
Easily manage and implement reward programs to boost customer retention and team morale.


Eclipse provides you with a revenue report, which helps you track your business's income.
You can use Eclipse's service trend report to track how your services are performing over time.
Eclipse's analytic reports also include feedback and cancellation data, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and reduce churn.

Appointment Details

Find appointment details and billing information easily with Eclipse - no more searching through long email threads.
Eclipse puts all your appointment details in one place - from service rates and assigned providers to personalized notes - on a single confirmation for easy access.
Maximize your agency's efficiency with Eclipse - manage appointments and billing information in one place and streamline your workflow.

Admin Features

Boosting Productivity and Efficiency with Advanced Agency Features

Optimize Service Coordination

Live updates help address delays, substitutions, and schedule changes proactively.

Increase Service Requests

Tiered accounts integrate corporate/government clients to request services with oversight.

Improve Client Satisfaction

Send ideal providers with real-time feedback integration and service customization.

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