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Eclipse is the innovation of an interpreting and caption agency specialized in providing consumer-focused services. After years of exploring different management software, we struggled with the inadequate scheduling systems currently on the market. Determined to meet our clients’ needs and efficiently manage our operations, we developed the first comprehensive platform designed specifically for the interpreting industry. Empowered with Eclipse Scheduling, your agency can focus on what matters most- equal-access and inclusion in the communities you serve!
Tyler Herron
Tyler Herron
Cheif Executive Officer
Shelby Edwards
Shelby Edwards
Chief Operating Officer

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Sabrina E. – Tennessee Agency Owner

“This system is worth the subscription for the payroll platform alone! My providers love not having to send invoices. You can add reimbursements and change providers’ rates all from a single page. It’s evident an interpreting agency designed this software!”

Don H. – Ohio Agency Coordinator

“Eclipse has transformed how our agency manages interpreting services. The system collects customer feedback and even allows consumers to pick their favorite or least favorite providers, all without having to contact us! We easily save 1-2 hours a day with this platform!”