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Protect your personal phone number by using Eclipse's coordinator chat feature.
Interpreters can easily message your schedulers and assigned teams.
Eclipse's coordinator chat is on-the-go, convenient for interpreters at appointments.

Provider Availability Manager

Allow providers to set their availability or enter vacation time in their portal with Eclipse.
Eclipse will only notify providers of available requests that are congruent with their schedule.
Providers have control over their availability, making it easier to manage their work-life balance.

Timesheets and Authorization Forms

Easily collect customer signatures and upload forms for on-site contracts with Eclipse's mobile app.
The app makes it easy to go green with digital signatures.
With the app, providers can complete contracts on-site, reducing delays and improving efficiency.
Video-Call Functionality

Securely communicate with Eclipse's video call function via 3rd-party links, eliminating the need for email or phone links and relying on top technology for remote services.

Provider Application

Maximize Eclipse by completing provider profiles and using custom applications and video screenings for efficient onboarding of qualified providers.

Provider Portal & APP

Eclipse's provider portal and mobile app simplify integrating a new scheduling platform, with easy management, communication, and processing.

Remittance & Payroll

Eliminate provider invoices with Eclipse's remittances synced to your agency's payroll cycle.
Providers can easily upload receipts and request reimbursements via their portal or mobile app.
Eclipse streamlines reimbursements, reducing admin tasks and enabling prompt payments.

Eclipse matches provider availability and qualifications for notifications and keeps them informed throughout service, from appointments to payment.


Eclipse's referral program incentivizes provider referrals, turning interpreters into ads and redefining non-compete clauses.


Automate provider surveys with Eclipse to collect feedback on appointments or consumers, stored for future reference by your team.

Appointment Details

Eclipse has the most comprehensive appointment details of any interpreter management system.
Eclipse organizes appointment details, teams, prep-documents, and payment info on a single-page confirmation.
Providers can easily check-in, report delays, and message their team or coordinator with one-click.
The feature streamlines appointment management, improving communication and efficiency.

Provider Features

Effortless Provider Experience

Email & SMS Notifications

Stay informed with 60+ notifications via SMS and email, covering appointments, and assignments.

One-touch Communication

Eclipse simplifies communication with one-touch tools for check-ins, delay notifications, and mobile chat.

Manage Provider Payments

Track provider work, sync reimbursements to payroll cycle, and access payment records via their portal.

Video-Call Functionality​

Use Eclipse's video call function for secure communication between providers and consumers via 3rd-party links from the portal. Eliminate the need for emailing links and phone numbers and rely on the industry's top technology for remote services.

Provider Applications & Screenings

Maximize Eclipse's efficacy by ensuring thorough provider profiles and using custom applications and video screenings to efficiently onboard qualified applicants.

Provider Portal and App

Make integrating a new scheduling platform easy with Eclipse's intuitive provider portal and mobile app, allowing providers to manage assignments, availability, communication, and payments with ease.

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