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Welcome to Eclipse Scheduling – Revolutionizing Language and Accessibility Service Management.

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Why Eclipse

The first All-in-one control center for Interpreting and accomodation services!

Our intuitive, secure system improves the efficiency by which your staff, customers, and providers manage language interpreting and accommodation services.

Why Eclipse?

Who is Eclipse?

Who We Are....

Eclipse Scheduling was made by a team of experienced interpreters and accommodation professionals with over 50 years of industry experience.

Why We Started....

The Eclipse Scheduling team saw the need for innovation in scheduling platforms, driven by industry frustration with outdated and restrictive options.

Why We Persevere....

Eclipse Scheduling enables efficient scheduling for interpreting and accommodation services, improving inclusion, access, and positive outcomes.

Precise Scheduling Inspired by Rocket Science

Precision Scheduling for Your Business

In the early days of space exploration, timing and coordination were crucial for mission success. Eclipse Scheduling drew inspiration from this and developed precise scheduling tools for businesses. 

From Interpreters to Entrepreneurs 

Interpreters turned entrepreneurs saw the need for agile scheduling solutions and created Eclipse Scheduling. They assembled a team of experts in software, accessibility, and business to build a platform that adapts to unique needs.

From Interpreters to Entrepreneurs
Powering Operations for Businesses of All Sizes

Powering Operations for Businesses of All Sizes

Today, businesses trust Eclipse Scheduling to power their operations, from startups to multinational corporations with complex scheduling needs. 

Customizable Scheduling for Business Success

At Eclipse Scheduling, we believe in customizable software that empowers businesses to chart their own course to success, inspired by pioneering space explorers. 

Customizable Scheduling for Business Success

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Eclipse Customers Share Their Success Stories...

Explore our galaxy of amazing success stories. See how Eclipse can take your business to new heights!

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With Over 50+ Years of Accessibility Experience

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Do You Have Any Questions?

A: Eclipse Scheduling is the first, all-inclusive scheduling platform exclusively designed for the interpreting, translation, and accommodations industries, created by an agency within the profession. The platform operates as an end-to-end service management tool to intake customers’ service requests, guage provider availability, schedule the most qualified provider, collect feedback on service delivery, issue invoices and remittances to your respective clients and providers, review reports, and manage new provider onboarding and new client leads. Integrating multiple tools into a single platform, Eclipse Scheduling serves as your business’ control center with features that aim to save your team time and optimize your customers’ satisfaction.

A: Eclipse Scheduling was the inspiration of two co-founders in the interpreting and accommodations profession, Tyler Herron (CEO) and Shelby Edwards (CXO). After emerging as leaders of quality interpreting services in their local community, the co-founders discovered that one of the biggest challenges impeding their growth was the absence of an intuitive, all-encompassing scheduling tool. Despite testing multiple solutions commonly used within the industry, Tyler and Shelby realized that the scheduling solutions on the platform simply weren’t designed for the interpreting, translation, and accommodation professions. During an intensive two-year period, they surveyed dozens of other interpreting agency owners and researched and designed an innovative platform that addresses the gaps in features and functionality most commonly expressed by agency executives and coordinators. On June 15, 2022, Eclipse Scheduling launched its MVP platform, dedicated to continued development and integration of what interpreter agencies report needing most for their growth and success!

A: Eclipse Scheduling was specifically designed to manage the complex operational needs of companies within the interpreting, translation, and accommodation sectors, including spoken language interpreting services, sign language interpreting services, Typewell and CART captioning services, translation and localization services, and SSP and disability support services. While Eclipse Scheduling was designed to improve inclusion through innovation, our agile platform can also be adapted to another of other service provider-based industries, including:

  • Moving services
  • Cleaning services
  • Hotel and B&B operations
  • Pet grooming and daycare services
  • Cooking and personal chef services
  • Power washing and home maintenance services
  • Driving and transportation services
  • Catering services
  • Valet services
  • Party and event planning services
  • Real estate and personal photography services;
  • Makeup artistry services
  • Junk removal services
  • Music education and performance services
  • Coaching and consulting services
  • Medical practice and healthcare services
  • Dance and other talent instruction services
  • Pool cleaning services
  • Security services

A: Eclipse Scheduling stands apart from other platforms on the market due to its agile ability to adapt to your business’ unique operation and pricing structures. As more services pivot to online and virtual delivery, it’s critical to have a scheduling platform that can pivot with you. Eclipse Scheduling serves as an end-to-end control center that enables you to manage your business from a single platform from provider and client onboarding, to service request intake, surveying service providers’ availability and qualifications, issuing invoices and remittance records, and reviewing detailed reports of your business’ operations. But this is just the start! While other scheduling platforms have solidified their product and show reluctance toward client feedback and customizations, Eclipse Scheduling encourages clients to share their feedback, frustrations, and desires so we can continue to develop a platform that meets the evolving needs of your business.

But don’t let us tell you; see for yourself! Sign up for a one-on-one demo or start a free trial to learn more about how Eclipse Scheduling can empower your business.

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