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for interpreting and Accommodation Services!

Our intuitive, secure system improves the efficiency by which your staff, customers, and providers 
manage language interpreting and accommodation services.


Who We Are...

Eclipse Scheduling was envisioned, designed, and developed by a team of professional interpreters and accommodation professionals with more than 50-years of industry experience. Located across the United States, the Eclipse Scheduling team has first-hand insight necessary to identify what the profession needs most in an effective service management solution.

Why We Started...

Eclipse Scheduling was inspired out of frustration. After years of the industry feeling pressure to accommodate out-dated and overly-restrictive scheduling platforms, the Eclipse Scheduling team recognized how operations could be improved through innovations that can only be recognized by professionals actively working in the field.

Why We Persevere...

While Eclipse Scheduling aims to improve the efficiency of scheduling interpreting and accommodation services, the ripple-impact of the platform is far greater. With custom filters and profiles unique to only Eclipse Scheduling, agencies and organizations can pair service providers with consumers more effectively than ever. The end result is improved inclusion and equal-access for the communities we serve, leading to more positive consumer outcomes.

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Go Ahead, Exceed Your customers' Expectations!

the difference between an interpreter and a translator

Optimize Service Coordination

With live updates, your agency can proactively address delays, substitutions, and schedule modifications from a dashboard.

Increase Service Requests

Integrate corporate and government clients with tiered accounts that allow employees to request services with managerial oversight.

Improve Client Satisfaction

Send the perfect provider for every service request with real-time customer feedback integration and service customization.

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Applications and Customized Forms

Customize and embed provider applications and customer quotes and leads forms directly into your existing website!

Custom Broadcast and Assign Settings

Improve fulfillment rates with broadcast and assign settings that target the ideal. available provider, every time!

Service Request and Revenue Reports

With seven unique analytic tools, you can see how your business is performing and prepare reports in minutes.

Simplify the Provider Experience

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Email & SMS Notifications

From available appointments, to upcoming assignments, and expiring credentials, keep your providers updated with over 60 unique SMS and email notifications.

One-touch Communication

Tired of guessing where your providers are? With Eclipse’s one-touch communication tools, providers can check-in, notify you of delays, and even chat through their mobile device.

Manage Provider Payments

Don’t let invoices be another "to-do" for your providers. Eclipse tracks providers’ work and reimbursements according to your payroll cycle. Providers can view payment records from their portal.

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And much more...

Advanced Provider Searches

Filter providers by their distance from a service address, certification, specializations, and more!

Coupons and Referral Codes

Run campaigns that reward customers and providers for talking up your agency!

Credit Card Payments and Invoice Reminders

Improve your cash flow with customer prepay and auto-pay options and invoice payment reminders.

See what Start-up agencies are saying!

Dori Griffiths - Active Hands Interpreting

I’m not sure where to begin to express my gratitude for Eclipse Scheduling. I almost don’t want to leave a review because this is – without a doubt –  the best product on the market! It is everything you can think of and more. Beautifully designed, easy to set up, simple to use on any device (mobile phone to a desktop computer). It incorporates every function I need to operate from screening prospective interpreters to scheduling to coordinating to invoicing to communication with clients to messaging with interpreters – I can do it ALL from one clear and easy to use system. This system keeps all my records protected, accessible, and in one place that saves me time and money.

I shopped around for many other CRM softwares and this system stands out among the competition. This system doesn’t require hours and hours of training for one person to receive training to operate this system. I had NO lag time to get up and running operations.  It is very intuitive and easy to use from launch. I’ve only received positive feedback from interpreters and clients about using the system.

One final note I will add is support. I didn’t realize how important this was until I needed it. Customer service is unparalleled. Eclipse staff is quick to respond and not only listens to suggestions or feedback but has even incorporated ideas into future version rollouts. Not only are they in the same industry but they care about my success just as much as their own. I am so glad to be a part of the Eclipse family. Thank you Shelby and Tyler for creating a life-saving and business-saving product!

Brandon H. Mosaic Interpreting
Brandon H. - Mosaic Interpreting

Eclipse has completely transformed the way I coordinate service requests.  The interface is user-friendly, intuitive and just makes sense.  My service providers love the simplicity and the convenience of the all-in-one platform.  Gone are the days of countless back-and-forth emails, manual invoicing and outdated  payroll systems.  Eclipse is definitely a game changer for companies or agencies in the service provider industry.

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Sabrina E. – Tennessee Agency Owner

“This system is worth the subscription for the payroll platform alone! My providers love not having to send invoices. You can add reimbursements and change providers’ rates all from a single page. It’s evident an interpreting agency designed this software!”

Don H. – Ohio Agency Coordinator
Don H. – Ohio Agency Coordinator

“Eclipse has transformed how our agency manages interpreting services. The system collects customer feedback and even allows consumers to pick their favorite or least favorite providers, all without having to contact us! We easily save 1-2 hours a day with this platform!”

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