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All Standard Features
200 Booking Credits Included
50 Providers To Start

Platform & Mobile App

All-in-One Subscription

Access all of Eclipse’s systems and features from a single admin login. Monitor incoming requests and service delivery from your dashboard.

Providers can connect to Eclipse from any internet-enabled device to access schedules, appointment details, payroll records, and more.

Customers can connect to Eclipse from any internet-enabled device to submit service requests, see assigned providers, pay an invoice, and more.

Securely communicate with your team and clients from the office and on the go.

Get quicker responses with customizable notifications for every situation.

We’re committed to providing free, reliable support for the lifetime of your subscription.

Management Systems

All-in-One Subscription

Intake customer requests and issue quotes with customized forms. Manage multi-day, overnight, repeating, rescheduled, and canceled requests.

Auto- or manually-notify and assign providers for new requests. Upload documents, share notes, and manage service delivery status.

Create company profiles with supervisor, staff, and consumer accounts and permissions. Note feedback, preferred, and disfavored providers

Set up provider profiles noting education, certification, and experience. Input unique rate parameters per service, specialization, and time.

Modify and issue customer invoices and receipts. Manage purchase orders, coupons, overdue invoices, and credit cards payments.

Modify and issue provider remittances according to your payroll schedule. Manage mileage, travel pay, reimbursements and payments.

Create applications and video screenings for hiring new providers and assessing qualifications. Pay-as-You-Grow Plan

Auto-generate links for providers and customers to connect via Zoom, Mircosoft Teams, or Google Meets. coming soon clip art 5541053

Coordination Features

All-in-One Subscription

Customers can quickly sign for services from their portal or with a provider’s app. Pay-as-You-Grow Plan coming soon clip art 5541053

Cover service requests in record timing with advanced broadcasting tools.

Let Eclipse function as your on-call coordinator with auto-assign capabilities.

Eclipse makes it simple to pair providers and create specialized teams.

Automated reminders to providers about expiring credentials.

See an instant breakdown of your closest available providers to customers’ locations.

Quickly upload or transfer your customer and provider base.

Export your payroll and billing records to Quickbooks’ bookkeeping software.


Pay-as-You-Grow Plan

Replace Eclipse’s branding and URL with your own. Customize notification templates, displays, and more. coming soon clip art 5541053

Auto-generate provider timesheets for customers to sign in the mobile app. coming soon clip art 5541053

Create and send video screenings to assess qualifications of applicants. *per completed screening


Your first 200 booking credits are included every month! Never pay for more than you use. *only billable bookings


50 providers are included with your subscription. Scale up as your business grows.
*per actively scheduled provider


Issue your team account logins and set appropriate permissions for each user.


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Brandon Heaps, Mosaic Interpreting
Brandon H. - Mosaic Interpreting

Eclipse has completely transformed the way I coordinate service requests.  The interface is user-friendly, intuitive and just makes sense.  My service providers love the simplicity and the convenience of the all-in-one platform.  Gone are the days of countless back-and-forth emails, manual invoicing and outdated  payroll systems.  Eclipse is definitely a game changer for companies or agencies in the service provider industry.

Sabrina E. – Tennessee Agency Owner

“This system is worth the subscription for the payroll platform alone! My providers love not having to send invoices. You can add reimbursements and change providers’ rates all from a single page. It’s evident an interpreting agency designed this software!”

05102018 Brian Moran 095436 780x1092 1
Don H. – Ohio Agency Coordinator

“Eclipse has transformed how our agency manages interpreting services. The system collects customer feedback and even allows consumers to pick their favorite or least favorite providers, all without having to contact us! We easily save 1-2 hours a day with this platform!”