Eclipse Scheduling Launches the First, Fully-Integrated Interpreting and Accommodation Management Software

New York, New York, June 15, 2022. Today Eclipse Scheduling, the all-in-one interpreter scheduling platform for interpreting and accommodation services, is thrilled to announce the live product launch of its end-to-end scheduling, management, billing, and payment software. The fully-integrated software provides an intuitive platform for agencies, providers, and customers, helping to streamline scheduling processes while saving time. 

Eclipse is reenvisioning the way interpreter scheduling and management services are performed. Founders Tyler Herron and Shelby Edwards have 25 years of combined experience working in interpretation and accommodation services. After going through multiple trials and demos trying to find a good fit for their own agency, they were frustrated with large subscription fees and using restrictive, cookie-cutter technology that wasn’t designed for their industry or business needs. The growing demand to quickly and efficiently manage their own agency inspired them to create a software platform that meets the specific needs of their industry, and that’s when they committed to leading the solution.

“We surveyed other business leaders in the interpreting, translation, and accommodations sector and found that their concerns about existing scheduling solutions echoed our own – these technologies simply weren’t built with our industry in mind,” said Tyler Herron, Co-Founder and CEO of Eclipse Scheduling.  “That’s when we created a list of 100+ features and customizations, as elaborate as a provider screening module to as simple as differentiating a service requester from a service consumer. The end result is a powerhouse platform that seamlessly melds into your existing operations while optimizing your service turnarounds! We are so excited to share Eclipse Scheduling with the profession.”

The integrated platform has multiple management systems, including service appointments, customer information, service requests, provider availability & documentation, as well as billing and payroll.

A few of the many current product features include:

  • Customizable forms for service requests
  • Auto-assign capabilities based on provider specifications and availability
  • Automated customer billing and provider payroll
  • A responsive platform that can be used on any device
  • Messenger chat feature that enables immediate real-time communication
  • Seamless file sharing between customers, agencies, and providers 
  • Flexible booking time periods: book as little as one hour or a multiple-day booking for a single assignment

About Eclipse Scheduling

Headquartered in New York, NY, Eclipse Scheduling is the first scheduling and management software exclusively designed for interpreting and accommodation services. The all-in-one intuitive platform is designed for ease of use across agencies, customers, and providers, enabling a seamless experience for business operations.

Media Contact: 

Grace Anderson


Sales Contact: 

Tyler Herron

609-948-0000, ext. 1

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